Why is Community Service important for teens?

Hands-on volunteerism provides critical social growth beyond the classroom. Feeling what others feel, or developing empathy, is a shared learning experience that all students need. Volunteering helps students form new perspective and see beyond stereotypes. Colleges want to see how students use their talents and skills to improve the world around them. Community Service is experiential learning at its best. Students learn while making a real contribution. Volunteering fits into students' overall college-readiness plan and prepares students for college, career and life.

Why join ESO?

Edina Service Organization is a fun and easy way to start volunteering and meet like-minded students. Track volunteer hours on ESO app to build a volunteer digital portfolio for National Honor Society, college applications and scholarships. Not all members of ESO plan to letter in Community Service (120 hours) but if that is your goal, ESO can help with our 4 year plan, support, encouragement and lots of opportunities.

Why does ESO charge annual dues?

While ESO is a non-profit organization, we are not a fundraising organization so we collect dues to pay for website/app costs, awards, promotional materials, organizational/ administrative expenses and mission based expenditures. Please note dues/donations to ESO are 100% tax deductible.

Are there additional costs if I join ESO?

No additional fees/costs are required to volunteer. However we do ask that all volunteers wear ESO apparel while volunteering to help build awareness and create a team atmosphere.

90% of ESO’s volunteer opportunities simply require YOU! Occasionally, ESO will volunteer to host and serve a meal (Ronald McDonald house, Edina Senior Center) and those shifts require food to be purchased. These opportunities are limited, optional and not required.

What is a typical volunteer experience?

Our goal is to have a wide range of opportunities that will appeal to everyone. You will have the opportunity to volunteer at everything from charity golf tournaments/runs to Edina school events (invitationals, elementary carnivals, etc). From battered women shelters to food banks - you are needed and can make a huge impact.

Please help us spread the word about Edina Service Organization!

Please note that as a new organization we must work diligently to make sure ESO is able to meet the needs of the philanthropies we commit to serve. The number of philanthropies served by ESO is limited by the service hours we are able to provide. The more active, engaged members we have - the more we can help!